Jill Hitchcock - Associate Id 13705

I'm Jill and I'm a massage and bodywork therapist in Plympton, nr Plymouth, Devon. I joined Xenca a few years ago after discovering the amazing Collagen Revitalise and the benefits to me as I grew into my late 50's. I really felt I was beginning to creak and ache. I'm 60-years-old now and wouldn't be without it - I think it's the elixir of youth! I also take Five a Day +V, and both these products keep me energetic, fit and healthy (and my skin looking at least 5-years younger than it is!). Listen, in 2017 I joined Plymouth Ramblers and now regularly go on 10-mile hikes! Something I'd never have considered before discovering Collagen Revitalise and my precious Five a Day +V.